Can I design my home with kids?

Thinking of starting an interior design project with little kids? Let’s face it, kids are cute, but they can be messy and a little hard on the home at times. With children playing tag in the living room and trails of goldfish crumbs around the house, the fear of maintaining a newly styled home is real. With proper planning and a knowledgeable interior design specialist, you can still have your dream home! 

As with any new designing prospect I face, I want to know about you and your family. Once we have a clear image of what you need from your home, the process gets easier from there! Be honest, do your kids break everything they touch? That’s okay!  If small accessories won’t work for you, we can find stylish yet simplistic and sturdy pieces. If your kids (or pets) are prone to spills and you’re used to hearing one too many “uh-ohs” from the kitchen, tough, stain-resistant fabrics, such as Crypton Fabric, will be your best friend in your new home. Storage rooms and areas can also be incorporated to organize your children’s toys, which always seem to be multiplying. 

Undertaking an interior design project with children in mind may be a daunting prospect, but you will thank yourself for it after! With three boys of my own, I can relate to the challenge, but having a house that you can call home is achievable for any type of family.

When you're ready to give your home a fresh, new, family-friendly style, contact us to schedule an interior design consultation.