Choosing Art for Your Home

Do you have bare walls because you don’t think you can afford original pieces of art?  Well, you don’t need to dip into your kids’ college funds to have beautiful, interesting art on your walls. Many companies have gorgeous art to choose from and while they are very affordable, your friends and family will think you spent a lot of money to complete your space. Many times a print just needs a frame that looks custom in order to make it look valuable.  I understand that artwork is very personal and it has to speak to you in order to commit to looking at it on your wall every day.

The websites below are great places to find the type of quality artwork I’m talking about.  They each offer very modern abstracts, as well as landscapes and everything in between.


If you need help figuring out if something you find online fits within your decor and space, I would be happy to help. And, as always, my pricing averages 30% below retail so it’s always a great deal shopping through me.

Contact me if I can help!