Enough of Winter Already…but Perfect time to Take Notes!

Yes, I know we are all completely sick of Winter.  The past 2 months have definitely made up for the boring, mild Winters from the past few years.  We are all spending WAY too much time indoors, going from room to room just for a change of scenery. But as you spend time in each room, it’s a perfect time to start making a list of the things you would love to change.  Are you tired of looking at the same lamps and accessories from when you first got married? Does your rug look worn?  Is your furniture starting to feel uncomfortable, past the “lived in” type of comfort?  Also, be honest with yourself as to whether or not your space looks dated.  No, not everything eventually comes back in style.  This is a great time to start making a plan or consult with me to help you start creating one so you have goals in mind to freshen up your home.  Spring must be around the corner, right?