How long does the Interior Design Process take?

When I’m meeting with a new client, the most common question asked is “How long does this process take?” I have a 4-hour minimum in order to start a new project and without a doubt, the client wants an “average” of how long a particular room might take to design from start to finish. The truth is, the amount of time is typically dependent upon the amount of time it takes for the client to make decisions.

I go through a whole series of questions when first meeting with a client in order to narrow down the style, functionality of the space, budget, etc., so when I come back with the initial selections for the project, I should have some very good options that fit all the criteria that we spoke about. But sometimes a client doesn’t realize what they like until they see what they DON’T like and then we have to start from scratch. A few years ago, I had a client who told me she hates blue but in the end, after bringing her the other tones she expressed interest in, we ended up with a blue/gray color palette because she didn’t necessarily understand there were many different shades that fall under the blue category. Oftentimes, it’s a good idea for the client to do some research on or in magazines to see what color palettes they are drawn to in order to cut down on time. The designer can often make selections quickly but the decision making skills on the client’s end are equally as important!