Saving Clients Money with Beautiful Results

Many people hesitate to hire a decorator or designer because they think it will cost them way more than their budget allows.  I know that all decorators work differently, but I’d like to explain how I work, and in the end, save my clients money.

  • I have a very reasonable hourly rate with a 4-hour minimum (time includes face to face consultations, research, shopping, communication above the norm).
  • After the initial consultation, I typically have a grasp of the project, the clients’ likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams for the space, etc., and start to make selections.
  • Now, here’s where my clients save a significant amount of money— I carry many lines of furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs, fabric, artwork, and more, all which I purchase WHOLESALE and resell to my clients WELL BELOW RETAIL PRICING.  I average 30% below suggested retail pricing.

A few things to note about this information.  I am very particular about which lines I carry. While they do cover all price ranges and styles, I try very hard to find lines that have unique and interesting products, while staying practical, functional and affordable.

Example #1

01 Example 1.jpg


Suggested retail price: $868.50

Amy Schwartz Interiors price: $564.56

This is 35% below retail pricing

Example #2

01 Example 2.jpg


Suggested retail price: $2205.00

Amy Schwartz Interiors price: $1543.50

This is 30% below retail pricing

Example #3

01 Example 3.jpg

 Suggested retail price: $2235.00 for chair and $1275.00

Amy Schwartz Interior price: $1564.50 for chair and $892.50

This is 30% below retail pricing

Even if my hourly rate is added to the purchases, the client is still saving money with me because of the reduced number of hours I need to spend to find these products.

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