Shades of White

It has been proven that Eskimos have at least 12 different words for snow. Some experts say there are up to 400 words to describe snow in Alaska. Here are a few examples:

Tlapa – powder snow
Tlacringit – snow that is crusted on the surface
Kayi – drifting snow
Tlapat – still snow

You get the idea. But sometimes I feel that the same goes for the hundreds of shades of WHITE paint. In my Benjamin Moore color wheel of whites, there are so many variations it will make your head spin.

Shades of White.gif

Dove White, Cloud White, Navajo White, White Diamond, Linen White – these are just a few that come to mind. But there really are differences between them and you have to be very careful when picking a white for walls, trim or ceiling. Some have slight shades of pink, some have brown or yellow in them and some have gray. My best advice is to hire a professional to help you make your selection (hint, hint) so a major mistake isn’t made.

Contact me if you would like help navigating all the subtle color variations to choose the right colors for your home.