Design Inspiration: Candace Olson

When Trading Spaces, one of the home makeover shows started on TLC in 2000, the reality home shows really took off.  But there was only one designer from one show that I started to follow and really connect with.  Candice Olson, in my opinion, is the ONLY designer I would invite into my home, talk to for a few minutes and say “Go ahead, redesign my whole house and I’ll be back when you say you are done.”  Yes, I love to design my own home, but it’s much more difficult to make decisions for my own spaces than to do it for my clients.  Her creativity, class and amazing use of space never cease to amaze me. Candice is the end-all, be-all designer for me and I strive to be just like her one day (although I know her height of 6 feet will be impossible to achieve).

Below are a few of her rooms that have inspired me……

Inspiration 01.jpgInspiration 02.jpg