Let's Be Real

As an Interior Designer in Maryland, which includes the entire DC Metro area, I am consistently and perpetually challenged by the amount of time interior design, renovations, space planning, and basically every part of the process, will and should take.

Interior Designer In Maryland

To be asked the questions, “In your experience, how long will this bathroom remodel take, from start to finish?” or “If we start now and I make quick decisions, will my living room be done in time for Thanksgiving” may seem like I should have very simple answers but truthfully, it is very uncomfortable for a designer to even try to guess.  

This article from Fox News is another great article about this problem. As much as we love HGTV and other home improvement shows for even putting the thought of interior design or renovation work in the heads of our clients, false expectations are often set due to these shows.

The software these shows use for their 3D renderings is not only very expensive but the final product you see is very time-intensive. When a client requests space planning, I am very happy to show a client how a room will be laid out with various pieces and will include the size of each piece but a color, 3D rendering, takes many hours. Again, I have no problem providing this service but it will not be completed in one hour and many clients are shocked at how many hours are being billed for the work they have requested. While I try to set realistic expectations in the beginning, because of the various home improvement shows out there, the client often can’t fathom that the process takes longer than a few hours.

Every client experience is different and every renovation or interior design project varies depending on budget, scope, personalities, and definitely the unknowns, such as fabric or product delays and what unexpectedly might be found behind a wall. 

So when you request an Interior design consultation, please be aware that this is real life, not an hour-long episode that has been edited and condensed and that most designers are fair and just want your home to look amazing!

If you're ready to begin your interior design or renovation project please request a consultation, we would love to meet you.