Ratner Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom makeovers are apparently in season! Within the last few months, I’ve completed two major bathroom makeovers. Each client was in dire need of a drastic new look for respective bathrooms. And in each case, I did not disappoint. Take a look at my most recent bathroom makeover.

Ratner 01.jpg

With this makeover, I changed every little detail, all the way down to the outlet covers. I started by giving the bathroom a fresh coat of paint. The previous color–a light beige, blended into the fixtures. The new color we selected paired well with the new fixtures and details, but also created an interesting contrast that instantly captures the eye.

I replaced the boring beige tiles with marble flooring, giving the new bathroom a sophisticated and modern touch. We mixed and matched several patterns throughout the bathroom to create interest. We made major upgrades to both the bathtub and shower, going with a more contemporary look.

Ratner 02.png

As I’ve said countless times before, an invitation into your home is a personal connection that I value and respect. When a client invites me into their space, I take care to incorporate their vision and dreams into every decision. My personal knowledge of design combined with my clients personal vision make every project a unique and creative process.

Curious about what this bathroom looked like before? Take a look below!

Ratner 03.png

Another happy client, and successful project!

If you’re in the market for a new look for your home in 2016, keep me in mind! I can help transform any space in your home and create a comfortable, inviting, and practical environment for you and your family! Contact me today for more information about the services I offer!