Vanguard Case Goods – So many options!!

I’ve already expressed how much I love Vanguard Furniture’s upholstery line but I have not spoken about their case goods. Specifically, how much can be customized in terms of finish – metal, paint, artisan mirrors, glass, shagreen, custom embellishments and more.

They have a Make It Yours collection where you can choose a table base and table top to get the perfection combination for your home.  You can choose the leg style and wood finish. The stocked finishes are more affordable but it’s great to know you can get a piece of furniture that you love in the exact look that you are trying to achieve.

Here are a few examples of how a piece of furniture can look completely different depending upon the finish you choose.  Check out to see a complete guide to what they have to offer.  Oh, and be sure to get in touch with me, [email protected] if you are interested in Vanguard, as I participate in their designer’s program and offer amazing prices to my clients!!

Vanguard 01.jpgVanguard 02.jpgVanguard 03.jpgVanguard 04.jpg