Wallpaper: Not Your Grandmother’s Walls

I LOVE wallpaper!

Yes, I said I love wallpaper.  Most of my clients cringe when I even utter that word, but I am not talking about the wallpaper of yesteryear that was in your grandmother’s house that you watched peel off the walls year after year.

I am referring to the gorgeous wallpapers that are made now, that can completely transform a space by putting it on one wall, the ceiling, or in an entire room.  The patterns and materials (my powder room wallpaper has glass beads on it!!) that I have seen are stunning and make a space completely unique.  Here are a few examples, but it’s difficult to capture texture and details in a photo. Contact me if you would like to discuss wallpaper ideas for your home or to see the samples in person. I would be happy to help!

Wallpaper 01.jpgWallpaper 02.jpg
Wallpaper 03.jpg