Summer Special: Free Color Consultation

I can’t tell you how many of my clients have lived with either white or cream-colored walls for 25 years out of fear of committing to a color.  While there is a place for white walls (for example, in a room that has a lot of colorful artwork that the client wants to highlight), most spaces are warmer and more inviting with some sort of color on the walls.  I admit – for the average person, it can be overwhelming to pick the right shade that you feel will give you the feeling you want when you walk into the room.  I actually have a Benjamin Moore paint wheel that only has shades of white and off-white, and there are 161 colors.  I’m not kidding!

To help get past the fear of color commitment, and to figure out the perfect color, I am offering a “Summer Special” where any past, current or new client will get a complimentary paint color consultation with any 4-hour retainer purchased (the 4 hours is my standard minimum).

Check out the rooms below to see how different the same room can look with different paint color palettes: